brooklyn vegancation

i booked a client who lives in nyc but is getting married in florida. so of course i offered to shoot their engagement session in nyc because VEGANCATIONNNNNN! i asked my mom if she wanted to come along and make a vacation out of it and she said yes so here we are in brooklyn for the next 5 nights! so excited to eat all the foods!

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day one:

modern love.  my favorite restaurant on the planet. it has ruined me. i judge every meal out by the caliber of modern love and sadly, nothing compares. i want to move to williamsburg, live above modern love, get a job in the kitchen and live happily ever after.

we tried the 5-spice bbq cauliflower wings for an appetizer and they were delish. the restaurant got super busy very quickly and we were so happy we made reservations.

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when we were here last in january my mom had the hen of the woods piccata and i was super jealous because it was GOOOOOOOOD. yes, me, the mushroom hater ordered a mushroom entree and LOVED EVERY FREAKING BITE. seriously hands down best meal of my entire life.

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for dessert we ordered the berry pie (OMG I AM DYINGGGGGGG) and the brownie sundae. (i wanted the peach basil pie that was listed on the menu but they had apple instead so i went with the brownie) both desserts were really good. pie is my favorite dessert of all times and it makes my heart sing that there are two different pies on the menu.
modern love-1modern love-2sorry for the ugly iphone 7 photos… the lighting is quite dim in the dining room and i didn’t bring the big camera out…

day two:

my friend who lives in jersey drove an hour to come pick my mom and i up at our hotel and bring us to dunwell doughnuts. 🙂 YAY VEGAN FRIENDS! i got a 1/2 dozen to enjoy over the next few days. note to self: next brooklyn trip: STAY IN WILLIAMSBURG. mom refuses to take subway anywhere so it’s a $15-$25 lyft trip each way from park slope to williamsburg. meh.

strawberry lemondade – cinnamon sugar – strawberry frosted

dunwell day one-1
peanut butter & jelly – french toast – powdered jelly

i freaking love doughnuts and dunwell are my favorite on the east coast. love this place and so happy they are doing so well! these were eaten over the course of 3 days. don’t worry…. i love my sweets but i can’t eat 6 doughnuts in 1 day! ha ha!

melanie took her kiddos to screamers pizzeria for lunch and dropped off a few slices for me to try! (THANK YOU MELANIE!!!!)


screamers pizza-1
i ordered the artichoke pie, cheese and buffalo. OMG. i need to live in williamsburg and eat all the pizza doughnuts and modern love. so amazing. probably the best vegan pizza i’ve ever had.
screamers pizza-2

mom and i made reservations for blossom chelsea for dinner since we were headed into the city to see come from away. if you have the chance to see it while you’re visiting nyc i highly recommend it. it’s a fantastic show! anyway…. here’s our blossom adventure!

we shared a caesar salad…


now that i’ve had modern love’s caesar salad this one basically tasted like lettuce and mayo. meh. the shitake bacon was really tasty but not enough of it. the dressing didn’t have much flavor at all. modern love, you’ve ruined me!!!

i didn’t know what to order. my last dinner here was 5 years ago the night before i moved from nyc back to florida. see, blossom use to be my favorite. so the entrees are basically all the same that they were 5 years ago. lame. so i ordered the appetizer for two as my entree. ha ha. because i’m fluffy!

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buffalo risotto croquettes, seitan empanadas, fried pickles with ranch dip, seaweed caviar canapés, spanakopita with cashew ricotta, raw zucchini rolatini (per the menu)

everything was really tasty.

dessert – ech. not so much. i use to be a cheesecake fanatic. blossom’s cheesecake tasted like straight up tofu. it’s 2017. there are hundreds of vegan choices in nyc. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, BLOSSOM. you aren’t going to survive if you don’t evolve your recipes and menu! ugh. this is my same complaint with sublime in fort lauderdale. beautiful restaurant with so much potential but MEH.

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can’t believe this was my mom’s first time here. blossom was were i took all of my out of town friends who came to visit when i lived here. special place for sure. and great news… cocoa v is back! they had closed right before i moved home and i was devastated. vegan chocolate shop – caddy corner to blossom in chelsea — go check it out!

i’ve been really bad about being in photos in the past few years… so i made an effort to get in a few this trip. mom and i before heading in to see the play. IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD. i definitely teared up.

Processed with VSCO with f3 presetfor as much food as we are eating, we are also walking A LOT. so no worries, i’m heading home the same weight!!!

day three:

there’s a keurig machine in our hotel room so we bought some coffee pods at whole foods to save money each day and just have coffee in our room. ate the rest of my leftover pizza for breakfast. still so good! i love cold pizza. it took me 30 years to appreciate but it’s one of my favorite things now. cold pizza for breakfast!

my mom grew up just north of nyc in westchester county. she has NEVER WALKED ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE. i feel like anyone who visits new york or LIVES in nyc needs to do this at least once. the walkway is safe and the view is amazing. i love this bridge so much. so mom gave in from my pestering and walked across over to manhatten with me. she liked it.
brooklyn day 2-9.jpgwe walked from the bridge all the way to orchard grocer in the lower east side. i’ve been wanting to try this place knowing isa makes the pop tarts, black and white cookies and soft serve!! the menu is fantastic and i wanted to try pretty much everything. there were so many new products on the shelves that i’ve never seen or heard of. (living in florida is like that often – thanks to the internet we aren’t totally in the dark ha ha)

nyc adventure-5
i tried the pear pecan pop tart and it was everything i imagined it would be.

for lunch i ordered the bowery (breakfast sammy) and i’m now drooling thinking about it. their “egg” was PHENOMENAL. really impressed with this place!
nyc adventure-7
mom and i wandered around lower east side. we checked out the ICP’s current exhibit, stopped for coffee and just enjoyed the cooler weather. (cooler than florida anyway)

i had a homeless man approach me for money and i don’t carry cash so he asked if i would buy him food. so he brought me into a bodega and i bought him some cookies and soda that he picked out. if i had my way i would have gotten him an apple, a sandwich and a water but he chose what he wanted. i am not even close to being a wealthy person, but i help when i can. it really makes you think. how are so many people walking the streets hungry. and i’m not talking because they are doing the “whole 30 diet” *rolls eyes*.

we had intentions of trying a vegan dim sum type restaurant in china town but we ran out of things to see and do in the city (hello we both lived in new york!) so we went back to brooklyn to relax for a bit and decided to go to dao palate in brooklyn instead.

i ordered the baked eggplant for an appetizer and it was as delicious as i remember. the miso sauce is to live for.

mom ordered the pan fried dumplings. yum.IMG_5582
for my entree i ordered the mango soy protein and it was fantastic. the food is still great although the restaurant was EMPTY for a friday night! 😦 i guess there really are so many options in brooklyn now. the delivery guy seemed pretty busy so i guess they do a lot of take out.

day four:

knowing i had a portrait session scheduled at 4pm i didn’t want breakfast and dinner so we decided on brunch. everyone keeps telling me to try champs diner so off we went. we get there and it’s packed with an hour wait. so we wait. and it was worth it.


i was STARVED by the time we got our food. i ordered the tempeh buffalo wings and they were amazing. spicy deliciousness!

i can not go to a diner and NOT order a milkshake. i don’t think it’s possible. i couldn’t decide which to order so i went with our servers suggestions and got the strawberry cream shake. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

and the star of the show……….

drum roll please…..




yes, i know you’re shocked. ha ha. everyone who knows me knows my obsession with my favorite meal. it was fantastic. i was so happy and full as we hopped in a lyft back to park slope. i had 30 minutes to get my gear together and recover from the food coma!


my engagement session went amazing. the botanical gardens in prospect park is all sorts of awesome. i literally forgot i was in the middle of brooklyn. felt like i was in cali for a few minutes!

brooklyn botanical-1

we skipped dinner this night as we were both exhausted and not even hungry for dinner. talk about “stick to your ribs” with that meal from champs! ha ha!

day five: 

we had reservations for brunch at modern love on our last day in nyc. i mean that’s why i offered to come up to brooklyn in the first place. ha ha. modern love started doing sunday brunch.

modern love brunch-1
a few minutes after i took this picture, isa showed up with a dish to photograph on the bench. i refrained from pulling my camera out. ha ha.
modern love brunch-2
i wanted to try everything but settled on my mom getting the seitan and waffles (ha ha thank you mom)…. they were pretty good.
modern love brunch-4
i ordered the tofu benedict (because could i really do biscuits and gravy two days in a row???) and it was the best meal so far this trip. amazing. i am so happy i had the chance to try modern love’s brunch! and isa sat us at our table so we are basically best friends, right?
modern love brunch-5

my mom and i wandered over to the brooklyn museum for some art and i left changed. we visited the lynching in america exhibit and it was emotional. especially with all of the racial turmoil that has been happening today. go see it if you have the chance.

here’s a snap of mom at the museum. i’m loving my double exposure experiments lately.
mom brooklyn museum-1
brooklyn museum-1brooklyn museum-2

my friend joel (who is from canada but lives in uk / travels constantly) is in the upper west side so we decided to meet for dinner. i suggested he come over to brooklyn to try modern love! i honestly thought to myself do i really want to be disappointed eating elsewhere? not so much. so yes, i had brunch and dinner at modern love. if you’ve been there, you’d understand.

go check out joel’s work. he’s an incredible conceptual photographer. i’m constantly in awe of his creativity. he’s a special human and i’m so grateful to know him.

see joel’s work here.

because we talk and talk and talk some more about everything and anything, i completely blanked and forgot to take his portrait… or a selfie together like last time! so here he is emerging from the subway near my hotel.

the last supper in brooklyn was fantastic. i finally ordered the poutine. i have a canadian in my presence and more than 2 people to share! ha ha. i was always scared i’d be too full for my entree and dessert if i ordered it so luckily we are a party of 3 tonight. i love poutine as much as biscuits and gravy. so good!

modern love last supper-1

for dinner i tried the seitan philly cheesesteak. it came with a kale salad which was the bomb and some cheesey potato wedges. so good.

modern love last supper-2

they were out of berry pie SAD FACE but they had apple so we went with that because joel is a fellow baker and he needed to try her pie. ❤ glad i got to share a meal with him while we’re both in the same city. love you joel!

modern love last supper-3

great night with great company! 🙂

day six:

i walked over to whole foods for breakfast / lunch and plane snacks.

lets just take a few minutes to appreciate the fact that whole foods brooklyn has so many vegan options in the prepared foods section. it makes me SO ANGRY that florida is so behind. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE ALL THE VEGAN THINGS WHOLE FOODS DAVIE / FORT LAUDERDALE?!?!?!?!

i made a salad to eat at the hotel. i started with some local greens and topped it with carrots, cucumber, onion, avocado, a tomato and vegan sonoma chickn salad BECAUSE I CAN. no dressing. so good. full AF  because that box of lettuce was NOT a single serving ha ha. nice and full for the plane.

grabbed a bag of cotton candy grapes for the airport. yummmmmmmmmy. 🙂


hope every vegan human gets to new york city at some point to try all of the amazing restaurants nyc has to offer. i really miss living in new york. ❤ also, big thank you to my mom who paid for mostly everything minus a few meals where i was able to sneak my card to the server! a fantastic vegancation for sure!

what are your favorite new york vegan spots?


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