vegancation san francisco bay area

i’m baaaaaaaaaack. when one of my clients informed me their wedding was in san francisco in june, i jumped at the chance to document their wedding! so here i am back in the bay…. eating my heart out as usual.

day one.

i arrived around lunch time, headed to my air bnb loft in emeryville and soon met up with my friend juno. she lives in downtown oakland so it was the perfect excuse to hit up souley vegan for a bite and beer revolution for some beers. and that we did.

i ordered the creole popems (jalepeno poppers) – which are my favorite things in life. so spicy but soooooo good. i also ordered the chickn po’boy which i’ve never had. juno had the crispy southern fried tofu bites and the zucchini cakes. i took about 3 bites and had to take the rest to go. i don’t eat much fried food at home so it was too much fried for me.


i ate the leftovers when i got back to the loft later on. the po’boy didn’t make the photo! souley vegan is so yummy. if you’re ever in the bay area you HAVE to try it.

day two.  

started my morning at timeless my all time favorite coffee shop. i ordered an almond milk latte, cream cheese roll and a breakfast burrito. yummmmmmmm. the cream cheese roll is the reason i keep coming back to timeless. i’m OBSESSED.  this meal was all sorts of amazing. and i didn’t need lunch!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
walked down piedmont to my favorite place in the bay – mountainview cemetery. sat down and read my book. found some cool mementos to take home.

IMG_3650 2

when i went to atlanta i brought home a mason jar with flowers an leaves and things i found while hiking. so i’m going to start collecting my travels in a jar. 🙂

i had to travel to san francisco to cover the wedding welcome party. i met up with a friend across the street at workshop cafe. pretty cool set up with workstations and seperate cafe seating if you aren’t using a laptop. i ordered the hummus + roasted vegetable bowl (86 feta) and it was pretty good!

IMG_3656 2

day three:

wedding day. i started my day at timeless again. had to carb up for the day as i never know when the next time i’ll eat will be….


the boxing room is a new orleans themed restaurant with NOTHING vegan but thankfully my very sweet bride called ahead to warn the chef she needed a vegan meal. i scarfed it down as i only had seconds to spare. i was just happy to be fed!

day four: 

so i stayed at this incredible artist’s loft in emeryville. awesome walking distance to pepples donut farm. i had a wedding “hangover” so i needed coffee and noms stat.

i use to LOVE the donuts when they supplied to whole foods but lately the food quality has definitely gone down. after posting this photo on instagram i received a comment that they don’t change the oil in their fryer often – checked out the account don’t farm and it’s basically a former employee bad mouthing this place. they apparently use palm oil as well. so no more donut farm for me. the burgers aren’t made in house anwyay. and the coffee was meh.


had a portrait session scheduled in martinez later that night so i made a pit stop at veggie grill in walnut creek because a trip to california is not complete without my favorite fast vegan food!

got the fried chickn plate 86 corn because vertigo!


day five:

drove to downtown oakland, found parking, paid for parking, walked a few blocks to be informed that hella vegan eats was CLOSED. WTF HVE. MEH. last trip they were closed because of the ghost ship fire – understandable. i felt for them and their loss. this trip NO EXCUSES. no reason to be closed and not notify your fans that you aren’t open. wasted my time and now i’m grumpy.

so i drove down the street and had chickn and waffles and the cajun poppers at souley vegan. they don’t do brunch on saturdays but they have chickn and waffles every day so YAY souley vegan. you saved my saturday!


took a walk around piedmont looking for gifts for my parents. stopped by a local market and grabbed some pluots and this amazing peach. so so so so so delicious. i miss bay area produce so much!


i wasn’t starved because i had a pretty decent food day… so i went to my favorite healthy restaurant in albany… potala. love them. they can do no wrong. i say it every time…. if i could eat like this on a daily basis i would. macrobiotic vegan for the win!

06172017 potala-1

day six:

made plans with my good friend marcella and she suggested the butcher’s son for brunch. i hadn’t planned on going this time since i wasn’t overly impressed last visit. but i decided to give it another go. was sad they didn’t have canoli’s or donuts. 😦 but this bagel sandwich was pretty yummy!

06182017 butchers son-1

obsessed with their exposed brick walls and gorgeous natural light.

after a really great hike in our favorite oakland forrest, we met up with marcella’s girlfriend and ventured over to republic of vegan my favorite vegan grocery store. i stocked up on the cleo white chocolate peanut butter cups (WHAAAT – favorite!!). wish i could send one of everything home to florida!

it’s super hot in the bay this weekend and it’s totally abnormal. to cool off from our hike we made a trip to the temescal alley (my old neighborhood) and tried counter ice cream. it’s not all vegan but very vegan friendly. so vegan friendly in fact, they had VEGAN PIE. UM YES PLEASE. instead of their famous vegan ice cream sammies i went with pie because it’s my #1 dessert. of course with some berry soft serve. pretty good!

071817 pie-1

last minute i got to see my former house mate / neighbor friend who lived upstairs from me when i lived in oakland. he’s a super rad guy and i’m so glad he joined me for tea while i stuffed my face with sushi. yes yes another trip to cha ya vegetarian.

started with the soba noodle salad because helloooooooo look at it. it’s the yummiest. (i always order sans mushrooms – keep the fungus off my plate)

vegan noms end-1

cha ya roll. yummo. why can’t florida have a vegan friendly sushi restaurant?!?!? i miss the sushi so much!

vegan noms end-2

day seven:

one last trip to timeless for an almond milk latte and cream cheese roll to go. i had an hour drive over to san francisco so i needed a treat for the drive. also got some beans to bring home!

met up with my friend becca for some lunch at a new vegan place. vegan burg is in the haight and it’s such a great spot. i’d say the concept reminds me a lot of chloe in new york, but the food is better at chloe. the burger patties were just okay. the garlic fries were AWESOME. think they need to expand the menu a bit with a few different variety of burger patties and maybe add some fun sides like onion rings and bacon mac&cheese. just sayin. not terrible but probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go back either.

vegan noms end-3

had a session in concord later in the afternoon so i had to head back to east bay. my session ran late and i didn’t feel like going into burma superstar all hot & sweaty from the session (uhhhh 104 degrees outside!) so i went to whole foods in berkeley for some miyoko’s sun dried tomato cheese and mary’s crackers. simple dinner for a crazy night of editing and packing my suitcase.

goodbye for now oakland. i swear i’m going to move back someday.

maybe pop that housing bubble of yours and clean up the tent citi


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