day two in brooklyn

no trip to brooklyn can be complete without a trip to my favorite donut shop on the planet. dunwell doughnuts is my happy place and on such a dismal day in american history i decided to eat my feelings.

fruity pebbles
heart of america (jelly filled)
thyme apricot – YUMMMM
buttered rosemary – YUMMMM
cinnamon sugar
peanut butter & jelly (my all time favorite)


for lunch my mom and i walked from grand central to the flatiron district to try by chloe! at the advice of yelp reviewers i knew it was important to snag a table as soon as one is available because it’s packed and luckily we were able to grab one right away.

i ordered a classic burger, 1/2 sweet potato fries 1/2 regular fries and then added the “crazy” which i have no idea what it really was – some sort of spicy aioli, chorizo, etc., and i have to try mac and cheese wherever i go.

everything was perfect. the fries were amazing. the burger was super tasty. the bacon on the mac and cheese was PHENOMENAL. holy moly. i guess it’s a good thing i don’t live in new york anymore because i’d be FAT and BROKE.

for our last supper we went back to modern love (ha ha shocking). i mean it’s why i went to brooklyn in the first place.

kale avocado ranch salad. so nommy. the chickpeas weren’t roasted like the menu said but whatevs. it was still tasty.

rainbow roasted carrots from the seasonal menu. so so good.

roasted brussel sprouts and bacon. shitake bacon is my soul mate. i can’t believe i just typed that. i might be turning over a new leaf with my hatred of mushrooms.

since i’m constantly making potpies (with isa’s olive oil crust alwaysssss) i figured i had to order one from her kitchen. it was everything i thought it would be. in love.

my mom ordered the hen of the woods piccata and said it was the best vegan meal she’s ever tasted. (she’s had a lot as i make her eat at vegan places constantly) she made me taste it and i have to say it was incredible. if you are lucky enough to visit modern love – please order it.

modern love is my new favorite vegan restaurant. in the country. #1. i’ll be back. ❤


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