day five!

i was really excited to try brunch at the butcher’s son. when they first opened i heard there was a line down the block and they ran out of food every day. i love to hear that new vegan businesses are so successful, especially since a few in the bay area have gone out of business recently.

i started with some fresh squeezed orange juice and a maple bacon donut. the donut was absolute perfection. sweet, salty and fluffy! loved it.


i ordered the #thisismyaddiction ($9) which is composed of scrambled “egg”, grilled mozzarella, avocado, bacon or grinder meat, garlic ciabatta. it was the most egg like substance i’ve had in the last 10 years. crazy good. almost didn’t love it because it was so “eggy” but i got over that. it was a bit messy to handle but that doesn’t really bother me. this breakfast sandwich was epic.


the rain has been constant but that didn’t stop me from walking down the street to animal’s place vegan republic grocery store. i grabbed my favorite non dairy hot chocolate and some peppermint marshmallows to enjoy in this cold weather. i also left with some miyoko’s classic double cream chive cheese and crackers to munch on during the party my friend is having tonight. i inhaled it so quick i forgot to take photos.


i ended up going to dinner with my new friend / client. decided to try encuentro again because it was such a great meal the last trip to oakland. it did not disappoint. i LOVE encuentro. i think it might be my favorite new “fancy” restaurant. i haven’t tried anything i didn’t love. i have to mention it is vegetarian not vegan, but most dishes are easily made vegan.

i started with the asian pear salad ($14). the macadamia nut cheese and pomegranate seeds both made the salad. plus i adore asian pears!


for my entree i had the chickpea socca ($23) that was over a bed of kale and butternut squash puree and topped with roasted brussel sprouts and walnuts. PHENOMENAL. every bite was full of amazing flavor! so so good. i took a bite of my friend’s 14 carrot and sweet yam gnocchi and that was amazing as well.


i was definitely too full for dessert and plus i had a donut for breakfast so no need for more sweets! today was an excellent food day!


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