day three….oakland baby.

it’s not secret that i’ve been fairly depressed lately. my dog has heart failure and is on the decline and well we have a reality star to run our country in a few short weeks and things are looking scarier every day. so i guess in a way this trip is about eating my feelings. good food makes me happy. oakland makes me happy. this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. well perhaps the weather could be a little less rainy – keeps messing with the photo sessions i booked. MEH.

for breakfast i wandered over to timeless again for my breakfast roll and instead of a twinkie i ordered the pumpkin roll. instead of a latte i ordered regular coffee. breakfast was perfect as usual but timeless doesn’t have outlets and my laptop wasn’t charged and i needed to get some editing done. yes, i work on my vacations.



i could exist on just these breakfast rolls. i need to learn how to make them. so so good.


so i wandered over to another coffee shop (gaylords) and ordered an almond milk latte to find that their power outlets don’t actually have power. no wonder this coffee shop is empty on a thursday morning. goodbye. i’ll never come back. what is with oakland and no power outlets. i understand you don’t want all day campers but i just put two hours on the parking meter. i need to get some work done. so back to my friends loft i went to get some work done.

for lunch i swung by souley vegan to grab some takeout for my pal who was busy working at his office (which happens to be across the street from pixar studios). souley vegan is as its name suggests – vegan soul food. and it’s always phenomenal. souley vegan is in downtown oakland near jack london square. it’s a small mom & pop kind of a joint with the most friendly owner and staff. they make you feel so warm and welcome every visit.

my favorite item on the menu is the creole pop’ems (jalapeno poppers)($8.00). so so tasty. everyone at my pals’ office loved them too.

my southern fried tofu burger ($7.50) didn’t come out its normal fabulous self. it was super soggy from the drive back to emeryville. i think the tofu wasn’t drained or not fried enough because even the tofu patty fell apart. sad face. i love this sandwich so much. the pickles and special sauce make it fabulous.
i ordered collard greens ($2.75) and mac & cheese ($2.75) for my sides. on point every time. the mac and cheese has a kick and the collard greens are just perfect.

we had quite the spread for this late afternoon lunch. definitely need a salad for dinner.

i looked up salads in the east bay and didn’t come up with much. so we ventured to potala for dinner. potala is never disappoints. it’s a no frills kind of place. if it’s still light out i love to sit by the windows in the front room. if it’s dark, the booths are great. you get your choice of medium or large plate and they bring you the meal of the day. no menu to obsess over just delicious nutritious food.


potala serves macrobiotic vegan cuisine. you always are started with a soup. and then a plate with steamed veggies, salad, legumes, etc. i honestly wish i could eat like this every meal. i LOVE macrobiotic foods! so healthy. the large plate which i ordered was $16.


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