day four!

brunch on the weekdays is a thing. at least at pepples donut farm it is. the last time i was in town i wasn’t able to make it to brunch so this was a real treat for me! pepples is located on san pablo just before west berkeley.


if you like divey diner types of places then you will swoon. if you expect more and want cleanliness you might pass this one up.


salted caramel donut ($3.00-$3.50) while we waited for our breakfast. but first coffee ($3.00) of course. pepple’s donuts are thick and cakey – very different from fried donuts.


i ordered the pesto scramble ($12.50) with sourdough toast and hashbrowns. and also an order of biscuits and gravy ($9.50). the scramble was tasty, hasbrowns were perfect and the sourdough was awesome. it was all a tad bit greasy but what else do you expect from a diner? at least there was an abundance of greens on my plates! the biscuits were AMAZING but i didn’t love the overly mushroomy gravy…..but any mushroom lover would be impressed for sure. i am NOT a mushroom lover.


service was friendly. kitchen was super slow. overall perfect brunch experience.

i skipped lunch since we ate around 11am and was exhausted after my session in san francisco, so i ate the two donuts i brought home from brunch for my dinner. not the most exciting day ever food wise but there’s always tomorrow!


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