another day in the bay.

mmmmm. cold overcast day requires warm baked goods and an almond milk latte. the perfect place for the rainy day blues is timeless. a vegan coffee shop and bakery. it’s my favorite. and on my favorite block in my old neighborhood. i love it.

almond milk latte


i ordered an everything roll which was stuffed with cream cheese and green onions. it was to live for. i can’t even explain the taste bud explosions from this delicious breakfast treat. i loved it so much more than an everything bagel. it is seriously so so good. i also ordered a sausage empanada…both delicious.

i bought a snack to go for my “lunch” ha ha. it’s my favorite baked item from timeless. the twinkie. it is life changing. i’m obsessed with it.


since i had enough to eat already i skipped lunch. by dinner time i was ravenous. andrew and i opted for vegan sushi at cha ya vegetarian. i was so hungry i ordered one of everything. kidding. kind of.

miso soup
it’s literally freezing outside so i needed to warm my bones. this florida girl forgot what 40-50 degree weather feels like. miso soup did the trick.

pot stickers
i shared these yummy potstickers with andrew. they were goooooooood!

cha ya roll

the cha ya vegan roll (above) has tempura veggies and a yummy sauce.
the vegan roll (below) is full of delicious plants.

vegan roll

i pretty much always get hungry after eating sushi….takes about an hour. so i brought home a curry vege udon dish and andrew gave me a GIANT bowl to eat it in. soooooooo yummy and perfect for this cold night.

curry udon vege

another delicious day in the bay. excited for tomorrow’s food adventures!


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