vegancation: bay area

i’ve arrived to my happy place.

for those of you who don’t know me or my story… i lived in oakland 2008-2010 and i loved every delicious moment. the bay area is the mecca to vegans.  i try to visit as frequently as possible now that i am back in south florida. this trip will have some new food adventures as well as some old favorites.

i’m staying with my pal andrew this trip and he has refrained from eating at the butcher’s son since they opened to enjoy his first visit with ME. wow. that is some dedication my friend. so of course it’s the first place we visited.

a face to the name. this is andrew.

my first question when trying a new place is ask my server what the most popular item is and what is their actual favorite thing on the menu. i chose her favorite which was the fried chickn sandwich.

view from our table

i probably should have gone with the most popular on the menu this time, as the chickn sandwich didn’t do much for me. it was way over fried and hard to chew. wasn’t impressed. the side of bacon macaroni salad and pickle i ordered were tasty. i loved the pickled veggies and the bread my sandwich was paired with but the chickn itself wasn’t great. next time i’ll try the meatball sub.

the restaurant is adorable and hipster which i adore. the staff was friendly and helpful. it’s mostly self service as you order at the counter and pick up when they call your name and have to grab your own silverware and condiments. obsessed with the interior brick and beautiful light that pours in. really great spot with sometimes hard to find parking as it is on very busy university ave down the street from uc berkeley.



andrew had mentioned to me that he had never been to cinnaholic. i was NOT planning on indulging this trip with many sweets, but since he’s never been and he lives here… i figured i needed to let him experience it.

cinnaholic is across the street from uc berekely. it opened the week i moved away from oakland (to new york). i’ve been a few times in past visits so i’m no stranger to these delicious diabetes causing sweets.

i made my own creation of peanut butter jelly and cookie dough and it was DEEEEEELISH.


apparently i went to sleep at 8pm which was much needed only having about 3 hours of sleep the night before. can’t wait for day two’s vegan adventure!


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